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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  January 31, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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>> live from the abc 7 a broadcast center, this is abc 7 news at noon, on your side. >> a pair of water main breaks are causing havoc on busy massachusetts avenue. one is turning a major street
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into a skating rink. the other has opened a sinkhole. the server the newest problem on mass avenue. this is near 49th street. it is a slippery problem out there. >> curb to curb, the 4800 block of massachusetts avenue is a sheet of ice. car tires are frozen to the asphalt by a creed on downpour. >> i came out and there was so much water coming down. >> this is man-made. a burst water main sent thousands of water -- gallons of water down the road. a lot of my customers part down here. -- normally frosty temperatures are a boom for starbucks. they are afraid business will be a bust. they cannot see there's water
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on the street. >> by midmorning, it had not been shut off. the half block of been shut out -- shut down to traffic. >> a lot of my customers parked over here. >> while some customers were stopped. >> i just wanted by coffee. arrived. itr crews took to to shut down the main. shops notn is the having any water. water said the cause is still under investigation. it is likely the prolonged cold snap is the reason for all of this. right now, there's no word on a fix or how long that may take. -- we willo someone get to some live interviews.
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this is a sinkhole it is on a different roadway. crews are trying to fix that and get it cleared up. it the roads are blocked. this happened overnight in south east d.c. turner to pulle away from its. no word on how long those will last. but is take a look at the nation's capital. it is a nice clear day out there. it is 44 degrees. our is the first check of forecast. >> we are going to see a spectacular end of the month. as an added to february, it will be mild. i don't know why this is saying 36. in fact, temperatures are already into the lower 40's.
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the data coming in as little bit off. we are around 10 to 15 degrees warmer than we were just at this time yesterday. overall, temperatures are in the lower to middle 40's. at his right where we should be for this time of year. if you happen to do any itveling, it looks like should be relatively nice. we have that forecast coming up. will start to see temperatures rebound the. west will off to our bring some precipitation. i have all that information coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you so much. people are injured after a fire went through a d.c. apartment building. those flames on mount pleasant street. i started hearing people scream get out of the building. we freaked out. to get only had seconds
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out. the fire alarms were blaring and the building was filling up with smoke. >> i ran across to the 7-eleven. it was terrifying. people suffered minor burns. they were taken to the hospital. a firefighter suffered injuries as well. displace residents were bused to a shelter. it was just after five this morning. we started to hear people screaming. in my bedroom collapsed. everything was destroyed. >> this is no stranger to big fire. a hot lamp may have started this morning's blaze. shoes.abbed a coat, >> as if waking up to this fire wasn't startling enough, this is a painful reminder that this
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neighborhood six years ago a massive fire happened two doors down. the building is still just a shell. 85 units were destroyed. smoke alarms did work in this building. >> we were yelling at people to come out. >> john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> firefighters say hot embers were the cause of a townhouse fire, the second time in two days. they were back on compton avenue working on a two-story townhouse. the same one caught fire wednesday night. that coldrs say temperatures made things difficult by turning water into ice. breaking news, a commissioner was charged with dui. pulled over last night while driving erratically neared st. charles parkway.
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deputies say he failed several field sobriety tests. was aboveyzer test .08, the legal limit in maryland. convincedard shooter doctors he had no mental issues. he was treated for him -- insomnia. he was nooted that problem. voices were harassing him and keeping awake. says she will not go back to jail in a fight. she is picking up -- speaking out about her latest invention. knox says she has become a victim,too. less than a day after being convicted, amanda him knox is speaking out. >> this has hit me like a train. i did not expect this to happen.
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i really expected so much better from the italian government. >> a court found her guilty in the 2007 murder of her roommate. knox told robin roberts that her family by her side, she watched as the verdict was read. >> i could not believe what i was hearing. my first reaction was no, this is wrong. >> they hope this latest invention will bring them closer to the truth. the best we can hope for is this case comes to a conclusion. the italian supreme court must confirm the conviction. won't willingly go back. >> i will fight this until the very end.
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it is not right. it is not fair. this just in, president obama just wrapped up a meeting with ceos of major corporations. long-terming to get unemployed americans back to work. they need to make sure the hiring process is not discriminate against long-term unemployed people. just because he has been out of work for a while does not mean you are not a hard worker. block --you had that bad luck. president obama also called for congress to extend unemployment insurance to those looking for work. memorandum that commits to hiring practices that will not disqualify the long-term unemployed.
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,f you drive in the district listen to the story. 130 new cameras will be issuing tickets from everything like speeding to rolling through stop signs. you can be cited for blocking intersections. so far they have only been issuing warnings. is coming.ebook app --rge zimmerman is seven stepping into the boxing ring. a major announcement is coming out of national park. jason al green will be playing a show.
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>> george zimmerman agreed to enter of celebrity boxing match. it is set for march 1. his opponent has not been chosen yet. a wrapper wants to be his opponent. he says he will be boxing for the legacy of the dead teenager. are gearing up for super bowl weekend. trash talking is reaching a fever pitch. excitement is about much more than the game. >> the stage is set for the first outdoor super bowl played in the northeast. theife stadium hosts matchup between the seattle seahawks and the denver broncos. the best ranked offense against the best ranked defense. >> you could not ask for to
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better teams. it is of the two best teams in the nfl. they have great character. >> fans across the country are fired up and taking sides. some places, it is neighbor against neighbor. york and new jersey have waited a long time for this. times square has been transformed into super bowl boulevard. >> it is the best thing ever. >> it is much more than the for ballgame, there are the commercials. and the halftime show. bruno mars is the main performer pepp. bomb sniffing dogs and fighter jets will be in the sky. boats will patrol the hudson river. no specific terror plot has been identified, they will eat nothing to chance. >> the public should become double that everything can be
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done is being done. there is a lot of work being done behind the scenes. >> authorities are on the lookout for counterfeiters. million in knock memorabilia and tickets have been seized. coldestwill not be the super bowl ever. the gametime forecast is 40 degrees. you can look for her report tonight at abc 7 news at 5:00. when jason aldean will be playing at nationals park. elite july 25. be july 25. the following day, billy joel will be performing. you still have a chance to win
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tickets to that concert. up -- baseball, pitchers and catchers report in two weeks. it is almost time for baseball. >> it reminds us that spring is just around the corner. after this week, i think we will look forward to a little bit of warmth. today's average temperature is some warmth. it we are into the 40's. take a look at this gorgeous sunrise. as of this fantastic? anded to a gorgeous brilliant sunrise. now we have some sunshine out there, but overall relatively mild. after the cold week that we had, you can see a lot of that snow on the potomac. temperatures are just two degrees shy of our average.
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it is 42 degrees at reagan national. it is 50 degrees in west virginia. mild temperatures things we had. it was 54 degrees on monday. it did in the morning and then that cold front went through and drastically dropped temperatures. it was bitterly cold. temperatures have been increasing and today it is very, very pleasant. the 50 possible return for the day tomorrow and sunday. just as we are talking about the jetstream moving toward the north, that separates the cold air mass to the north and the warmer temperatures to the south. dallas -- 64for in degrees in dallas. ride along this boundary, there are some snow showers pushing through nebraska and kansas. it is very light.
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we will see more of a southerly wind tomorrow and that will bring in some warmer air. precipitation.e the next weather system develops over the great lakes. will clouds, on sunday it be cloudier. there may be a shower late in the day. i think we will stay relatively dry. along that boundary, there may be some precipitation. .artly sunny and seasonal tonight, we still have some snow on the ground we have some milder temperatures move in. we may have some patchy fog develop. keep that in mind. it will be 53 degrees on sunday. there is a chance of a late day shower. i monday into tuesday, temperatures will get a little bit colder and precipitation is too early to determine. .here is nothing i see
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we will keep you posted. sunday is the super bowl and also groundhogs day. nasa pays tribute to those who lost their lives. the agency had a ceremony at arlington national cemetery. laid at the tomb of the unknown soldier. switching gears, facebook is launching a new app. it is called paper. paper andll of your displays it in a different way. the goal is to make facebook content look more like a magazine. paper will be released for the iphone on monday. guns asp, kids firing big as they are. why some >> take a look at these images.
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these will make your heart race. young children finding a gun and looking down the barrel. this is a controlled experiment. if safety see messages are sticking. /20.will see this on 20 >> this is really something. as a special tonight. you talk about those extraordinary images.
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we went to that classroom in florida. the parents agree to watch from a controlled environment. those children are picking up guns and staring down the barrel and pointing them at their friends in the classroom. nra'save been sold the video. quite charming two children repeat back to them the song and phrasing not to touch a gun and called adult. within minutes, many of them are picking up the gun pointed at themselves and pointed it at their friends. .t is eye-opening we hope to start a conversation about how to make children safer. will not be apparent in -- apparent in the country that doesn't want to do that. this was something that got our attention. i traveled all over the country.
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we went to one farm and spent a lot of time with his family. they were a wonderful family. they have guns in the home and they keep them locked. they are responsible gun owners. isy said the solution teaching our daughter had to shoot when she was a kindergartner. we will see video of these gun parties. a lot of parents are going to shake their head and say not in a million years why let my kid do that. they do make a good point. helps getthe gun, it rid of the curiosity. kids will have it even after those meetings with the officers are done. .ou will see tonight we hope everyone will recognize. there's more consensus than you think. >> we look forward to that. thank you so much. you can watch young guns on
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20/20 at 10:00 tonight. still >> eying his back with the final
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check of the forecast. >> it looks really nice. you'll see sunshine for the rest of the date with some clouds come in. it will be 50 degrees on saturday and 53 degrees on sunday. >> thank you for joining us.
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sunday. >> that ikea, we don't just. design furniture. we design good mornis. little experiments. big ideas. brighter ways. and better tomorrows you can take home today. imagine if everyday was just a little bit better for everyone.
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